Friday, July 11, 2008

So it's official!! Matthew is a moose. He weighed in at 26lbs and is 30" tall at his 1 year check up. He was only in the 75% catergory. He has another tooth coming in. He has the top front four and the bottom front two and is getting the bottom left one. He might be getting his 12 month molars too but everytime I stick my finger in to check, he bites me. I am not playing that game anymore. He also started walking over the Fourth of July weekend. I hope to add the video of it here.

We ended up having to cancel Matt's 1st birthday party because Chelsey and I were sick that day. Because we are so busy on the weekends, we have not been able to rescedule it. Sorry everyone. I am working on it though.

Alex had fun at his "graduation" ceremony for his Karate belt. The karate center took all the kids to see the Kung Fo Panda Movie. Alex got to take his cousin Aiden to it. I was supposed to go with them, but ended up getting sick that morning. So "uncle" Chris took them. The three of them all had a blast. He is looking forward to spending the night at his cousin Austin's house this weekend. Alex is also looking forward to a camping trip we are planning in August. We hope to head over to Lost Lake for a few days and see Aaron's parents while over there. Alex really misses his Grandpa Ivan and Grandma Becky.

Chelsey finally qualified for Fair. Her and Cowboy will be competing at the Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden the week of August 11-16th. Her and her 4-H group will stay the week there. Anthony has been in Idaho for the a month visiting his dad, so she has been hiding in her room texting and talking on the phone. She also has a part-time job woking down the road at a stable. She's mucking stalls and odd jobs around the stables on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. She is also babysitting a couple of kids during the week for a couple hours each day.

Hopefully this is being checked out and keeping those informed that want to be informed. Let me know if there is anything I am missing. Thanks all and until we meet again............