Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, I know that this has fallen behind. I apologize to all that have actually visited looking for updates. I will try and keep this updated at least once a month. Here is a quick update on us all:

Chelsey has finished 10th grade and is now looking forward to getting her liscense in August. Hopefully she will qualify for the Lynden Fair this weekend. Let's all hope Cowboy is faster than last month!! She has a boyfriend, Anthony, and went to Meridian's prom.

Alexander is into Karate and wanting to go to school. However, he isn't old enough yet. So he will be going next year. He has been doing Karate since November and is at the Camouflage/white belt. He was a participant in the annual Deming Log Show this year. He was part of the loggers vs kids tug-of-war. He is the little guy in front wearing the red shirt. He loved it and can't wait until next year.

Matthew is almost 1!!! It seems like only yesterday he was born. He is growing like a weed. We go in for his 1 year check up on the 30th and will get his official weight and height then.

Aaron and I are still working like crazy. Life at our house is non-stop. I have a feeling it won't slow down for at least 18 years.

Hope you will come back to visit. Enjoy the photo's.

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Kellbell said...

Cute pics!